“If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell.”
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“I destroy myself repeatedly, without remorse.”
— Six Word Story #79 by absentions (via mirroir)

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"Ah, well isn’t that uplifting. Work is it?" Sarcasm be his reply, still his smirk does not fade. He’ll lean against the edge of desk as he indulges Victor with his attention, only glancing to send Tanaka for drinks.
 The flick of his wrist with an out laid palm toward a chair: ‘sit’. A chuckle drums behind sealed bows at such a statement. “I never breathed word that you were  or that you didn’t…”

"Ah, well…"

It was useless to even try to argue with Vincent, he should know that by now. Victor knew his brother better than anyone else in the world, or at least he liked to think that. It was his treasure, to believe he had some sort of key to unlock the doors to what was Vincent’s mind… and that he was the only one who could do that. If that was a reality or not, little he could care for he did not grasp that piece of true that would shatter his little illusion.

To dream was to be free, after all.

And he sat, watching the old man leave the room.
And he looked back to that face that was the same as his own, only more loved.
And he pretended he wasn’t nervous like he always were when in front of his older brother.

"Will you cut the acting now, Vincent? Or maybe you’d like to play a bit more? Don’t you have something to tell me? Or to show me?"

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"Okay." Lucy beamed, bending down and picking another lily from her basket and holding them up to him. This was much better reaction than what she had received the other day and she was thankful for it.

"Where do you get these flowers, child?"

He searched for the money inside his pockets, patience was a virtue and he was going to take his sweet time since he had nothing better to do. In the meanwhile, some small talk wouldn’t hurt.

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"Since when have you kept so busy that you’ve not made time for me?" Inquiry passes through a serpent’s smirk. He’ll move toward blood, leather cloaked digits graze the tip of chin, eyes roam his person in examination. "Thank you, Victor… Much time has died since our last meet. How have you fared?"  Nobility gestures that the other step further into his office. 

"Dead and buried."

The almost whisper was exhaled, the closeness of the other made his body tense in reflex -as usual, just as usual-, to relax a minute later. Yes, this felt the same as it always did, that stronger presence almost suffocating him with light ways and mild tone.

What a terrible thing… he’d follow the other blindly as a dog, even towards an abyss.

"Are you perhaps inferring that I am but a waste of skin here? I might not be as successful at you, brother, but I have my moments."

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"Wanna buy a lily?" Lucy asked, holding up a tiger lily. "Only costs a penny." She said, left arm begining ache from holding up the flower. Or maybe it was the fact that a dark bruise had appeared the other day after a nobleman had tried to beat her for asking the question she had just asked this one. 

The nobleman wasn’t doing anything in particular except maybe waiting for his coach to come get him, so he was completely lost in his own thoughts when he thought he heard something. A flower met his eyes and the words the girl said finally made sense.

“Oh? Then how about two flowers, then?”

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"How unbecoming of a Phantomhive, least my brother. I do ponder what reason might come of this, not having been one of the first to welcome me home…” Tone lie flat, visage veiled in light boredom, irritation touched in his glance. 

"Am I interrupting your conversation with yourself, brother?"

The tone was of mockery, light sarcasm that acted as protection. Some might fight with swords, he preferred words to shield him and stab the enemy. Of course he heard the usual noise Vincent’s arrival caused, yet he couldn’t quite find the strength to stand up and direct himself towards his presence.

"As you know, some of us are busy most of the time. Welcome back, Vincent."

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