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what do you do when you can’t decide if creating a dean or a castiel blog? you create both.

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Dining room in a Romanian Castle.

Dining room in a Romanian Castle.

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                                         the word ‘savior’
                                         means nothing 
                                              when you’re left all alone
                                              and the people you tried to save
                                              are dead. 

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― Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets | Transparent 


Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets | Transparent 

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So, if you put your URL in here, you can listen to all the music you’ve ever blogged.


Oh my sweet baby Jesus.

The happiness I feel right now is amazing


Just an FYI.


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Animam-Immortalem 1 Year - 1 k + followers

OOC ;; How is this even possible? It´s been a whole year already? How? It feels like just few months… and yet a whole eternity. Wow, I met so many people!!! Oh my… I am not even sure what to say, for real. It´s been a whole new experience, that´s for sure. I opened this silly little blog last year on 4th August, and I started to write a character I knew not much about. I had no idea what I was doing, for real, even if you look back at the replies I gave when I just started, you´ll see the OOCsness and how terrible I was, yet some people remained here with me, and wow… there´s no word that could describe how thankful I am. I improved way too much since then, not just my portrayal, but also my english (even if I´m loosing it a bit right now xD), and that´s all thanks to few people who helped me through this experience. It´s not lie when I tell you, this is my very first muse, my very first anime and my very first time writing something and role playing. So I still hope to keep getting better, and gain some experience. 

I´d like to thanks some of you, who remained here through all this time, and became my role play partners. You guys rock it, and I love you with no end!

phantomhiveraven / txmptress:

You are one of the people who saw the best and worst of me, and as I told you, and keep telling you, YOU are the reason why I improved and decided to be a better role player, without you, there would be no Ciel. I shall thank you for all those things you´ve done and keep doing for me, and I wont be saying much right now, because I have better things to say in 4 days, yup get the damned tissues, because you will cry xD I love you okay? Thank you for be there for me, and keep helping me more than you should. Ju mah lil warrior!!


Se que en este preciso momento no te estoy siguiendo, pero eso no debería hacerte sentir mal… sos la compañera de roleo que permanecio a mi lado más tiempo, lo cual te hace más especial ^^ Todavía me acuerdo nuestros primeros roleos y Ciel se quedaba o-o porque no sabía que hacer con Harley, hasta que ideamos el plot/AU que tenemos como hermanos que se odian, lo cual lo amo con el alma. Así que… esto va para vos también, gracias por todo Valen, realmente te quiero muchisimo, y aprecio que todavía sigas a mi lado ^^

dilselim / cagedinonebody

Dilly… I still remember how shy you were, and little by little you approached me to rp. I thought you were so cute!!! And the plot we have, sincerely amazing because I started to write novella with you, which makes you special as well, so yup ^^ Thank you for have been all this time with me, and helped me as well (yes, you helped me!) to improve my writing. I love you okay? You are incredible sweet and I love you.


*sigh* LANNY SERIOUSLY GET THE FUCK OFF I´M TIRED OF YOUR ANGSTY BULLSHIT FUCKERY, SERIOUSLY GET THE FUCK OFF, CIEL HAD ENOUGH OF THAT!!! GOOD JEZZZ WOMAN!! just kidding!!!!! man, I FUCKING LOVE YOU OKAY?!?! LIKE REAL LOVE HERE!!!!! Lanny I can´t even begin to explain how much you mean to me, and how much i love you, seriously, I still remember all those sweet things you told me back then, and how much you wished me to have a better life and things like that, dude you freaking warmed my heart!!!! And then!!! I wrote that silly started for ya, and WOW!!! LIKE HOW?!?!! YOU FUCKING WROTE LIKE SHAKESPEARE!!! THE FU…!? I was surprised and fell in love instantaneously, and our threads… 11/14 paras yo 11/14 PARAS!!! god… I can´t even write properly something to you… I love you okay? Simple as that, thank you!! THANK YOU!!


Se le ruega por favor me disculpe si lo hago llorar, pero es mi intención asi que FUCK IT! xD jeje no te voy a decir COSAS CHANCHAS porque hay gente que ve esto, y no queremos nada sesual.. xD jejeje em.. bueno se que no hablamos desde hace un año como con esas locas de por allá, pero de lo “poco” que hicimos, realmente se siente como si te conociera desde hace mucho más que uno o dos meses… tengo que agradecerte, principalmente por todos esos consejos que me diste, y en todo lo que me ayudaste porque wow… soy molesta, let´s be honest, así que gracias, por vancarme en todo y seguir eligiendome para hablar y romper las pelotas, siendo mierditas y de más yerba xD te loveo Vita, okay? jeje gracias enserio!


What would I do without my OFFICIAL Lizzie?? I would be dead! OMG all the plots and headcanons that are warming my heart and making me feel so doki doki… or my heart… well ya know! I think you are super cool, and funny and write incredible amazing like HOW YOU DO IT?! Your portrayal of Lizzie is seriously the best, and I´m still more than thankful you choose ME to be your official cuz…HELL TO THE YAH! hehe I hope to get the honor to still rp with you and be by your side for the longest time, for real :) Thank you!!

And last but not least t-rotzen / rokkalda

I first met you like Loki, and then came my precious lil baby Link. What to say? I don´t want to sound cheesy and end up scaring you — with the other lil dorks it´s easy… they get to see my wild side (?) xD with you, I´m still trying to hold on not to scare you and give you a bad impression (I´m terrible I swear, I don´t know how people befriend me xD) I love with no end your writing, like real love here!! And you are really one of the sweetest, coolest and most amazing person I ever met! With Ciel is not much like we have some kind of plot nor relation but with Styx? Oh my!!! I won´t stop talking if I have to! xD We just met, but still I want to thank you, cuz you have been really a supportive friend, and an incredible role play partner, I wish with all my heart to keep having this threads and friendship for the longest time ^^ Thank you so much!!

Now, few little angels that light my dash with their lovely posts… you guys are the best, and I love each one of you, even if I don´t talk with you periodically… or never .-.

ara-ne-um / lo-gic-usmaestrxreplacxedpetitmaitre-et-soncorbeau




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