“I want to write poems on your skin with my lips.”
— Eleven word story 

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“I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally.”
— W.C. Fields (via innocentdelirium)

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“I’m not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance.”
— Jon Stewart   (via neonchills)

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“You almost convinced me I mattered.”
— Six word story  (via slutstatus)

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      —-    ▌♛  And it was best should such thoughts be left unsaid, as the last thing Marriane would ever need was to know that he was a rarity. He already thought of himself so highly it made the most selfish of mortals look humble and modest ( for when one had centuries upon centuries to build up an ego - the work can be rather impressive ).

         ”Oh? Good to hear, then. I am quite the lazy one.”

         Pleasing people can easy for him, luckily, so too much work was never required on his behalf ( and he’ll be damned the day it does ).

         Following alongside the male with elegant strides, he peered over to him from the corner of amethyst hues with smile softening. “But of course. My schedule is free for the day, so I have no quarrels spending all day talking about whatever it is you desire.”

          After all, he had all the time in the world.

         ”Although I most certainly hope I am not in trouble~?”


Yes, there are certain things that are better left in silence, in the darkness of ignorance where they belong. No one needs to give up on the mystery—- that’d be a rather foolish movement to make, mostly in such relationships as this one: one never asked for too much and the other never talked more than enough.

The whole magical occurrence that it was for these two to be as close as they were -without drawing fangs and guns for that matter- was something never spoken of. What happened, happened and that was it.

“Aren’t we all? I’d find myself quite disappointed if I ever had to try harder than what it naturally comes out from me.”

A soft chuckle, a gesture from his hand, the servant working in the last details of the table was now gone. Business talk was in the order of the day, it seemed, but right now Vincent just wanted to have a quiet time.

“I believe you are confusing me with someone that actually have something to blame you for and put you in the victim sit. No, not at all. You’re in friendly hands now, Judit.”

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you're the worst yet I love you, i hate you so much u dork u know that right

i do. i always knew about your unhealthy and bizarre atraction towards assholes so i’m doing my best here to keep you—— interested.


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